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The Lowcountry Gem and Mineral Society (LGMS) welcome all those interested in the pursuit of knowledge in the study of gems, minerals, fossils and other related fields of geology and biology. If you would like to join our organization, you may contact us using the contact form or you can download our membership form below.

Membership Form (New Fillable Form. You may print out finished form and mail to address on the form along with payment.)

Interest Form.

These forms require using Adobe Acrobat Reader®.


You can now pay your membership on-line using Paypal®, if you would like. You will still have to download and fill-out the membership form above. We still take cash or check, but if you do choose to pay by Paypal, please indicate on your form that you paid with Paypal, date of payment and email address used for payment, if applicable. You may also email your filled out membership application to the LGMS Webmaster. (Please save it by adding your lastname and first initial to the filename.)


Paypal Membership Plans

(If you have need to pay a combo plan, you can simply add the appropriate plan to your cart.)


PLEASE NOTE: Membership dues need to be turned in along with the application form to the TREASURER, Mark Easterbrook, or MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN, Ken Brenneman.

Yearly Membership Fees are as follows:

  • Individual - $15.00
  • Couple - $30.00
  • Family - $30.00
  • Junior - $7.00

Membership Fees are due starting October of each year for current members.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Annual Membership of SFMS and AFMS included with membership rights included
  • Receiving monthly issues of Lowcountry Diggings either by mail or email
  • Voting privileges for all adult members
  • Chance for annual scholarships to attend workshops at either Wild Acres or William Holland Retreat - School of Lapidary Arts
  • Access to Members Only page on the Lowcountry Gem and Mineral Society website

Lowcountry Gem and Mineral Society are proud members of:

American Federation of Mineralogical SocietiesOld rockhounds never die, they just slowly petrify.Southeast Federation Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

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